This astrologer is one of the best I have ever received guidance from. It is very obvious that he has a deep connection to spirit and possesses a high level of spiritual maturity in addition to his advanced understanding of astrology. I have received many bad readings in the past but the guidance I receive from kongo kosmo is incredibly specific and helpful in my current situation. He has helped me understand my life purpose in general, my past, my present, and what I can do to help create a better future for myself. He empathetically explains personality traits of mine that can lead to unhealthy habits and unnecessary emotional or mental turmoil while also outlining my strengths and talents. Astrological guidance from kongo kosmo is great whether you understand astrology or not as he explains things in a way that is easy to understand. As a healer and intuitive reader I recommend kongo kosmo to anyone seeking spiritual or astrological guidance. 
their site: Starcrystal-Healing

Natar McDowell (8/30/2016)

Chris is a wonderful astrologist. He’s done horoscope and tarot readings for me. He really takes his time to get to know you if he doesn’t already. He meditates on you and what you want to know. He enlightens me to things I only had hints about and his insight leads me in a positive direction in the choices I make in my life. Astrology is a huge entity so even if you don’t understand something, you can ask and he’ll make sure you understand. He doesn’t sugar coat and he is refreshingly truthful all the while being positively reassuring. Basically He/ Xe Did That ™ and he can do the same for you. He is also somewhat of a teacher, as I am learning so much more about astrology through this unique view point.

Cattnat (7/21/2016)

Thank you sooo much for this reading, it was awesome! I study astrology myself and have been doing it for 8 years but it’s always nice to get perspective that isn’t mine on my chart. Everything was accurate. The horoscope and tarot were pretty spot on in regards to my life at the moment. In my progressed chart, my moon is in Scorpio in the seventh house which is working in tandem with all of the transits going on for me. It’s been pretty dramatic but after all is said and done the change has been beneficial to my being. I’m using my phone right now but I’ll be sure to leave you a positive review on store envy as well as tumblr. I didn’t mean to ramble but know I’m hyped about my reading. Thank you!

Shannon Little (7/18/2016)

Ramiro (10/23/2016)

For those of us that study astrology with intention and daily practice, it might come natural to wonder what a ~$20 reading could do for us. Other readings around that price have left me feeling a little disappointed; I wasn’t presented with a reading that was outside of what I knew. That was not at all the case with Chris’s reading. Their own take on each planet’s placement was refreshing, thought provoking, and just what I needed to hear. Unlike other astrologers, Chris also reads the energies around the reading. They “ground” the readings in an energy, I believe I heard them say. That truly makes the difference. While Chris could have surely gone on and on about each placement, they picked just what I needed to hear at the moment of my reading. Whatever was guiding them, it was spot on. Not only that, but they weaved the placements together. There was no stand alone reading of my Leo Moon, for example. They read my Leo Moon in conversation with my other planets/placements/houses. That integration of the astrological information is something I struggle with, so not only did I receive a big-picture view of my chart, but I also learned a great deal in regards to how a chart could be read.


The ten pages of their report read smoothly and flowed well, with the exception of an occasional typo and mismatched sign with a planet. The language is accessible, relatable, and feels very personal–as if they were there with you speaking the report to you. Lastly, the tarot card reading was also very well done. I got chills reading it and felt sure of Chris’s magic. Like I could trust it. There was no dissonance between the natal chart reading, the reading of my current transits, and the tarot. It felt like one cohesive piece that came to me exactly when I needed it.


I’m sure Chris knows they could charge more for their excellent service, so it’s really inspiring to see a financially accessible astrologer out there.


I definitely plan on contracting Chris again for more transit and tarot card readings. I would recommend this service to both beginners of astrology and seasoned folk. Five out of five Mercurys stationing direct.