This astrologer is one of the best I have ever received guidance from. It is very obvious that he has a deep connection to spirit and possesses a high level of spiritual maturity in addition to his advanced understanding of astrology. I have received many bad readings in the past but the guidance I receive from kongo kosmo is incredibly specific and helpful in my current situation. He has helped me understand my life purpose in general, my past, my present, and what I can do to help create a better future for myself. He empathetically explains personality traits of mine that can lead to unhealthy habits and unnecessary emotional or mental turmoil while also outlining my strengths and talents. Astrological guidance from kongo kosmo is great whether you understand astrology or not as he explains things in a way that is easy to understand. As a healer and intuitive reader I recommend kongo kosmo to anyone seeking spiritual or astrological guidance. 
their site: Starcrystal-Healing