Affective Dimensions: Current Transits

Approaching astrology through an atmospheric engagement leads to a better understanding of how the heavenly bodies influence present life. As mentioned in earlier blogs, if we can understand how the moon affects human emotion and the sun has an effect on our skin and mood, it’s not an entirely huge step to consider how other cosmic bodies affect our physical existence. Since we are planetary beings existing in multitudes of atmospheric dimensions, astrology, as I see it, is a way to understand and question our existence in these atmospheres.

Summer turns to fall: another view over the forest from the eddy-covariance tower. Credit: Chris Vogel


Here are three major astronomical relations as of today (Saturday, May 4), and what these relations mean astrologically:

Uranus semi-square Neptune

Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces are currently 45° apart. This distance creates tension between the energetic forces of the two planets. Semi-squares are minor aspects in astrology; but when I think about the pointedness of a 45° angle, I consider the point to be stronger, more persistent and directive than regular 90° squares. Semi-squares are agitations that force us to change our actions so tension can be removed. Astrologically, we should pay attention to the ways in which we engage with food, and think about any dreams we have had with food or intaking things; the energy of Taurus situated in Uranus brings attention to the ways we consume from the Earth and how Earth affects our bodies. Food brings particular energies to the body, so it is important to know how food affects emotional and energetic patterns. However, Neptune brings a bit a restlessness to our sense of stability; a feeling of drifting in a sea of our desires. Whatever the way we move about the earth and plan our steps should not be “impractical”– skipping steps in the process makes us miss out on critical information and resources when building the foundation that leads to our greatest dreams and manifestations. The energy of Taurus here teaches us that much creativity, beauty, and passion is experienced in the process, in steps, through understanding the foundation of progression. A stable relationship with the divine and the environment around us will lead us to our greatest dreams manifested.

Image result for saturn retrograde
Image: NASA

Saturn opposite North Node

When planets are 180° from each other, they exist in polarity, a contradictory tension producing unequal physical effects in the atmosphere. So, this relation presents a type of hopelessness in the directions we should take in responsibility. This oppositional effect combined with Neptune’s influence mentioned above creates an intensified feeling of placelessness.  Since Saturn stationed retrograde on April 29th, the recalculating energies of retrogrades help us understand that we have the strength and emotional depth to go through every challenge we face. Ultimately, the North Node connection brings a sense of direction when overcoming our obstacles. And even though the North Node is opposite Saturn, this relation reminds us that we will not always be in the position we are currently in; follow that hope.


Image result for new moon in taurusNew Moon in Taurus

Over the next two days, the new moon in Taurus brings attention to the things that remind us of a different kind of sensuality. As the moon transits over the sun, we experience a sensuality deeply connected to the vessels and the vibrations of the Earth. An inner sense that holds our hopes as well as our open wounds, a place of full body and spirit exposure. It is through embracing the fullness of sensuality that healing and oneness with self come and stay. Allowing healing to stay is an important theme of this new moon; because sometimes we start the work, but we don’t tend to the roots for the work to stay. Staying power is key.


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