Fall Equinox: Cosmology Overview

Greetings all,

Thank you for being here–present with these words. I’ve made my first YouTube video, where I talk through several points about cosmology, cosmograms, Christ consciousness, and the present autumn equinox. It took me several tries with uploading this video, so I hope you can view it and gain something from it.

For this equinox, I wanted to focus on tracing–questioning which vines are we following and are they fruitful for our journey and constant transformation? As just the sun rises and falls around the cosmogram, Libra season is a time to graph the fall of the Ego into the eternal depths of the Other/the Spirit. I’ve pulled a meditative tarot draw while reflecting on this equinox (This is from the Hoodoo Tarot Deck):

In the cards, the main energy is the ten of baskets, a happy grill master and his family including dandelion-infused moonshine. The dandelion speaks of maintaining Joy through the upkeep of self-reflection. Again, it’s important to examine the sun (our ego) in its fallen state–even if you’re only looking at the reflection. Stability and the laying down of burdens come through reflection. The two of baskets here speaks of gaps of faith, or connections of that past that didn’t serve us, and may still be affecting us. The eight of sticks pictures a Hoodoo woman peeling lightning struck wood from a tree–now is the time for illumination, an electric peek into our own darkness, a trailing of the vines and entanglements that we may have normalized. A recognition of power. The ace of sticks represents an Indian Mound –consciousness over matter–the coming together of our true source. Our looking into the depths of ourselves, tracing the vines of our connection, flourishes the growth we need during the Now.

Peace, love, light ❤

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